One-on-One Sessions

The bread and butter of mental training is the one-on-one work we do with performers.  By spending the time to understand your signature strengths and areas of improvement, and then crafting a mental training plan specific to you, Invictus can push you to the next level of performance.

Key Areas: Activation and Energy Management, Concentration, Self - Talk,  Imagery, Balancing Stress and Recovery, Addressing Performance Anxiety, Accelerating Training Gains, Optimizing Performance Mindset, Building Flow Triggers

note: we're currently doing our one-on-one sessions via Zoom.

Group Workshops

For teams and organizations, the ability to become greater than the sum of your parts is critical to lasting success. Our workshops facilitate this synergy through a blend of education and experiential activities that encourage creative problem solving, teamwork, and the development and connection to shared goals and values.

Key Areas: Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, Developing Culture and Shared Habits, Creating Team Resilience

Season Services

Teams and Organizations can make a larger commitment to mental training by working with one of our coaches for a full season.  As part of this relationship, your team will get a comprehensive evaluation up front to identify areas of strength and areas of growth, followed by a systematic plan to build individual and team skills through a combination of individual and group sessions.  

CMPC Mentorship

For graduate students, recent graduates, or professionals looking to expand their skill set by becoming a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), we offer mentorship to help satisfy the hour requirements for certification.  

note: tele-mentorship sessions are also available through Skype or Zoom.


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