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About Invictus

Mental Training for When it Counts Most

Based in Boston, MA, Invictus is all about helping you bring your best performance to the table when the stakes are highest. 

Our model of mental performance coaching draws from a deep understanding of the science underlying peak performance.  We work with clients to tailor  programming to help build mental tools and mindset that allow performers to be their best more consistently.


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Personalized coaching to help you build the mindset and tools for consistent success

Experiential sessions designed to help your team or organization thrive

360˚ Evaluation and mental training integration from pre-season to off-season and beyond



Who can benefit from mental training?

Great question! The short answer - anyone who wants to perform their best more consistently. Whether your passion is athletics, academics, business, or performing arts, the quality of your mind is directly responsible for the quality of your performance.

How does mental training work?

There's no 'one size fits all' answer, however at Invictus we build from a framework that allows you to turn insight into action and engineer an environment to support your success.

The process starts with in-depth assessment of what is currently working for you, and what isn't. From there, we work collaboratively to design a training program that will help you build both the mental tools and the mindset that will allow you to thrive in unpredictable, challenging, and stressful environments.  

What follows is an opportunity to refine those skills so they become habits - behaviors you can access quickly and effectively during both training and performance.

Is mental training the same as therapy?

In a word - no.


Here at Invictus, we're laser focused on helping you perform at a high level.  While therapy is often focused on what isn't working, we'll spend our time together building your strengths so you can handle whatever comes your way.

"I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul"

- William Ernest Henley

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